About Us

Welcome to Psychology Academy

Psychology Academy and Counseling Services (PACS) is a registered organisation with the vision for developing psychological skills with knowledge and training on one side and rectifying behavior problems with counseling and intervention therapies on the other side, thereby integrating both of them with yoga concepts for optimizing human potential in all areas of life.

Our academy reaches out to all age groups of people who want to excel and sharpen their educational prospects, enhance individual competencies in career planning/professional growth, with our Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses and also support them with our Counseling Services, to lead a conflict free life with positive relationships and communication accuracy.

Our mission is to empower and support every individual through the process of behavioral change with knowledge, training, professional psychological-counseling and yoga practices, for balanced personality functioning of ID- EGO and SUPER-EGO and unifying these with the IDA- PINGALA and SUSHAMNA nadis of Yoga for extraordinary intellectual and motivational powers