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PACS CAREER ASSESSMENT TEST is a psychometric tool, which is helpful in understanding student’s career choice and readiness for choosing their best-fit future academic courses, by understanding Student’s Aptitudes, Personality and Interests. This test gives clarity about their BEST-FIT careers, so that they may choose a course which is the most appropriate for them keeping in mind their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and help to pursue their best and satisfying careers, to reach their desired success

First Psychometric Portal for Career Assessments Psychology Academy and Counseling Service has brought out a unique and first of its kind ‘Psychometric Online Portal’, for the benefit of all categories of students from High School i.e., 8th, 9th and 10th standards, through the first and second year intermediate students and professional college students also.

This Online PACS Portal hosts nine important ‘Psychometric Assessments’ that analyze and report the strengths and weaknesses of an individual student scientifically, in the privacy of their homes without any pressure, ridicule or social taboo with confidentiality strictly maintained.

These assessments cover the areas of Personality, Interests, Aptitudes, Intelligence, Study-Habits and Self Concept for the High School students. The individual student’s reports are digitally generated, and immediately shown on the screen after completing the test.

The intermediate and professional college students may also take the Assessments mentioned previously for high school students, if they desire to sharpen their employability skills and exhibit excellence in campus recruitments and other interviews. These Students should have a clear perspective of their Personality strengths, Self – Concept and Social adequacies, and be emotionally strong and well-balanced. Tips for self-improvement are made available in the reports, besides enabling them to face interviews confidently and handle adequately the future career challenges and be successful.

Online Life-Skills Assessments are made available for adolescent students for the first time, to help students progress adequately in their chosen career pathways with their specific talents and also have the ability to adapt quickly to the changing environmental future demands.

By knowing Student’s strengths and weaknesses, the students and their parents are forewarned regarding, how and in what way, the indicated changes should be taken-up by the student, for achieving future career success. The three most desirable career options are specified for each student individually in these reports.

Individual registrations for these Career Assessments can be made very easily by logging into our website .

Schools and Colleges can also contact us for group assessments of students. Our team is available for any special Seminars, Workshops or Campus Research Projects, if needs are specified. Counseling Services are also available, Online and in person.

Prof. HariLakshmi Venkataramana (Retd H.O.D. Dept of Psychology, Andhra University) an academician and woman entrepreneur, developed this valuable and useful portal, for the first time in Andhra Pradesh, to help students and their parents understand the inbuilt abilities and career readiness of students, for future employment. These tests are made available for all categories of students and employees.