Corporate Training

Corporate Employee Training

A company that invests in employee development is investing in their own success. By training your employees, you are creating a workplace that is adaptive, flexible, and ready for change.

Effective Communication: Ineffective communication can often lead to negative work relationships and can affect your company’s bottom line. Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting or an e-mail thread, every employee should have an understanding of the basics of communication. A communication course will help your team develop the essential skills they need to communicate both verbally and in writing, internally and externally.

For those who are competent communicators but want to use their expertise to get better results overcoming specific challenges, we offer niche workshops that address the application of areas like : Neuro-Linguistic Programming Transactional Analysis Appreciative Enquiry

Time Management: For every organization, time is a valuable but limited resource. It is a key to success, yet many employees lack the skillset required to manage their time effectively. This results in stress, missed deadlines, and poor work quality. Time management training provides techniques and tools that will help your employees stay organized, focused, and be more productive every day.

Project Management: We now live in a world where most tasks are projects and every team requires at least one project manager. Organizations that offer training in project management are more efficient and better equipped for the challenges of the constantly evolving business environment.” Project management is a skill needed at every level of an organization and should be a part of each employee’s career pattern.

Leadership Training: Your employees today will become your leaders tomorrow. That is why it is important that companies offer leadership training to everyone they hire – not just supervisors and managers. By developing your employees’ leadership skills at an early stage, you’ll equip them with the knowledge they need to take on leadership roles in the future .

Beyond the basic programs, we also offer specially designed workshops for those at varying phases of their leadership roles :

First-time managers and emerging leaders: These workshops target the development of leadership qualities and management skills.

Mid-level management to senior management: These workshops enable ease of transition between roles and fine-tune key skills and leadership qualities. This range of workshops specifically gears individuals and teams towards building leadership competencies at the interpersonal and team levels.

High-end leadership: These workshops revolve around leadership strategy, organization management, team vision and other key skills that are needed for senior leadership teams to drive results and ensure that the right values trickle down to all levels.

Diversity Training: Today’s workplace is more diverse than ever. Therefore, organizations need to make sure their teams understand diversity issues. A diversity training course will help enhance your employees’ knowledge and give them the tools they need to embrace diversity in the workplace.

This program will help you master the skills you need to excel in today’s competitive workplace.

The range of workshops within this program covers the fundamentals. well as specialisecommunication areas such as Neurolinguistics.

Behavior Skills Training

Some of our more basic workshops address the following areas :

  • Corporate etiquette and grooming
  • Campus to corporate

We have also developed workshops of a slightly higher grade these include focus areas like :

  • Customer service
  • Goals setting
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Effective listening

We also offer niche programs that are targeted at the development of specific competencies that include :

  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills
  • Work-life balance
  • Accelerated learning.

We specialize in designing Customized Human Resource training programs that cater to specific challenges faced by HR teams at all levels. They are able to develop the right set of competencies that are needed to recruit, retain and grow the most effective kind of workforce within organizations.

Our customized programs are designed, developed and delivered based on the highly effective ADDIE model. The workshops are solution focused and include a range of training methodologies such as role plays, group exercises, individual activities, videos, case studies, facilitation, discussions and more.

Some of our specialized workshops are designed to develop key skills for every HR professional.

Some of these broadly touched upon topics include:

  • Interviewing skills
  • The use of competencies
  • Attracting the right talent into an organization in the right manner
  • In addition to this, we also have workshops to address the broader aspects of an HR professional’s responsibility areas like:
  • Performance management
  • Employee engagement
  • Retaining the right talent and growing it to ensure the organization’s objectives are met.
  • We have certain niche workshops as well that focus on Developing the right HR strategy for the organization Enabling successful implementation of such strategies