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Prof. Dr. V. Hari Lakshmi, PhD
Director, PACS

Prof.Dr.V.Hari Lakshmi Joined the Department of Psychology, Andhra University as Assistant Professor on 15-03-1994. Her Ph.D. was in Social Psychology and her Ph.D. topic was Maternal Employment: Influence on Personality, Self Confidence, Parent-Child Interaction and Guilt feelings.

Academic Distinctions

Awarded UGC Research Fellowship in 1976.
Served as a Director for Andhra Pradesh B.C. Women’s I.A.S. Study Circle in 1998.
Served as Placement Officer for Department of Psychology in 2008-2009.
Selected as Faculty-in-Charge and Expert Resource Person for WHO Sponsored “Global Funding Project to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria,” (GFATM-7AU) in 2008.
Facilitated Institutional Service Responsibility in Andhra University campus with HIV/AIDS Public Health Counselor’s Capacity Building Training and Mentoring through GFATM Project, since 2009.

National and State Government level training programmes for HIV/AIDS Counselors – Conducted

Prof.V. Hari Lakshmi served as Resource Person for all TOTs of National Aids Control Organization, (NACO) &Andhra Pradesh State Aids Control Society, (APSACS), sponsored HIV/ AIDS Trainings and contributed with expert comments for NACO’straining modules.
18-02-2010 to 28-02-2010, 12 days Induction Training Programme for 28 Andhra Pradesh State Aids Control Society’s (APSACS) Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Counsellors.
18-03-2010 to 28-03-2010, 12 days Induction Training Programme for 27 APSACS STI Counsellors.
09-04-2010 to 20-04-2010, 12 days Induction Training Programme for 33 APSACS Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) Counsellors and Community Care Centers (CCC) Counsellors.
15-06-2010 to 19-06-2010, 5 days Refresher training Programme for 27 APSACS ART and CCC Counsellors
22-06-2010 to 26-06-2010, 5 days Refresher training Programme for 32 APSACS and TNSACS (Tamil Nadu State Aids Control Society) ART and CCC Counsellors
28-08-2010 to 31-08-2010, 4 days TOT Training for Sensitizing Primary Health Centre (PHC) Nurses with 24 Supervisors and Senior Counsellors
26-09-2010 to 29-09-2010, 4 days TOT was partnered with Lepra India Society for HIV/AIDS Control, for 25 HIV/AIDS Master Trainers in using Positive Prevention Tool Kit.
01-12-2010 to 12-12-2010, 12 days Anti Retroviral Therapy and Community Care Center’s Induction Training Programme for 35 APSACS Counsellors
14-12-2010 to 24-12-2010, 12 days Sexually Transmitted Infections’ Induction Training Programme for 20 APSACS Counsellors
16-03-2011 to 19-03-2011, 04 days Counselors’Supportive Supervisors Induction Training Programme. These Supervisors are attached to each Counselor of APSACS for Mentoring and Helping the counselors to Build their individual skills at their counseling centers and reduce their burnout and stress levels.
15-06-2011 to 26-06-2011, 12 days Mobile ICTC (Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers) Induction Training Programme for 25 APSACS Counsellors
05-11-2011 to 10-11-2011, 6 days ICTC Refresher Training Programme for 30 APSACS Counsellors
05-03-2012 to 10-03-2012, 6 days ICTC Refresher Training Programme for 34 APSACS Counsellors
12-03-2012 to 17-03-2012, 6 days ICTC Refresher Training Programme for 35 APSACS Counsellors
26-03-2012 to 31-03-2012, 6 days ICTC Refresher Training Programme for 35 APSACS Counsellors
02-04-2012 to 07-04-2012, 6 days ICTC Refresher Training Programme for 30 APSACS Counsellors
28-05-2012 to 01-06-2012, 5 days Ante Retroviral Therapy’s Refresher training Programme for 34 APSACS Counsellors
04-06-2012 to 08-06-2012, 5 days Ante Retroviral Therapy and Community Care Center’s Refresher training Programme for 30 APSACS Counsellors
21-06-2012 to 02-07-2012, 12 days 5days Ante Retroviral Therapy’s Induction training Programme for 34 APSACS Counsellors

All these training programmes have been rated by expert evaluators from National AIDS Control NACO and we have been rated as A2 among all the GFATM, 40 Indian Institutes nationwide.

Academic Training Programmes & Special Lectures Conducted

Conducted Counseling Skills Training for Police Women & NGO’S to Deal With Human Trafficking Victims, at the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad 2008.
Resource Person for Workshop on “Improving Interpersonal Relationships: Nurse Manager as an Empowering Agent”, at GCL Medical College, Rajahmundry, 2011.
Invited Guest Faculty Lecture on “Leadership: An Analysis of Situational Theories”, SONA Institute of Management, Tamil Nadu, 2009.
Personality Development, Communication Skills, & Team Building Facilitation, for A.U. Students, Non- Teaching Staff & Public Forums, 2007-2011.
Assessment of Student’s Problem Behavior and Psychological Abilities, at NTPC High School, A Project completed in 2008.
Improving Employee Health and Activation of Life Style for HSBC Global Resource BPO Employees 4 to 8th July 2007

Recent Therapeutic and Alternative Therapy Research Articles in Academic referred Journals

Effect of Yoga on Academic Stress of High School Students, Social Science International –Journal; Volume-24, Number-1, January 2008, 89-97.
Effectiveness of Music Therapy as an Intervention: An Empirical Evaluation of Alzheimer Caregiver’s Quality of Life, Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing; Volume- 2, Issue-1, March-2011, 123-125.
A Comparative Analysis of Symptom Patterns Demographic Variables andEmotional Problems of Chikun- Gunya Patients from North Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing; Volume-2, Issue-1, March-20011, 97-103.
Practice of Mindfulness Meditation: Adolescent College Student’s Academic Stress Buster, Indian Journal of Positive Psychology; Volume-2, Issue-1, March-2011, 7-10.
Integrating Mental Health to HIV Counseling and Testing. The case of Ethiopia allied to the Indian Context Indian Journal of Positive Psychology; Volume-2, Issue-2, June -2011,56-60
Analysis of Depression and Suicidal Ideation with Academic Expectation as Their Predictor for Intermediate College Students of Vishakhapatnam City.
Andhra University Journal of Humanities & Management, Vol-1,No-2,July-December 2013
Reasons for depression (RFD) among intermediate college students of Visakhapatnam, Indian Journal of Wealth and Wellbeing. Vol-5, issue 4, April 2014, 533-538

Ph.D. & M Phil Dissertations Produced

Effect of Yoga on Memory, Concentration and Academic Stress of High School Students.
The Quality of Life and Perceptions of Burden, among the Caregiver’s of Mentally- Ill Persons.
Emotional and Behavioral Problems of Adolescent Students in Ethiopian Schools: Nature, Determinants and Correlates.
Emotional and Behavior Problems among Adults: A Study on Andhra University Students.
A Comparative Study on Psychological Adjustment and Mental Health Problems of Non-Tribal and Tribal School’s Adolescent Students.
Internalizing and Externalizing Problems Assessed for Adults Having HIV/AIDS Infection.
Menstrual Problems and Psychological Wellbeing Assessed for Young Adolescent Girls.
Menstrual Pain and Psychological Problems of Adolescent College Girls.
Emotional and Behavioral Problems Analyzed for Normal and Visually Impaired Adolescents.
Ethiopian Counseling Tradition with Reference to the Western Modern Counseling System Operating in the Country.
Assesing Student’s Epistemological Beliefs and Self Regulation as Correlates of Perceived Learning Success in Undergraduate Programs in Ethiopia
Reasons for Depression and Suicidal Ideation among Intermediate College Students of Visakhapatnam

Extension Activity : Health Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Alternative Therapist, Counsellor and Acacdemic Consultant

Behaviour Modification, and Health Enhancing Mind-Body Change Interventions, Therapies, and Counselling Skills Training Formulated for Expertise in Alternative Health Therapies- Yogasanas and “Cognitive Mindfulness” for positive health and specific disease control.
Pranayama and Mudras for Mind-Body balance.
Meditation techniques for Psycho-Neuro-Chemical-Immune Efficiency.
Nature- Cure therapy for balancing the five elements within the human being.
Core- Energy therapies for removing mind-body blocks and replacing disease creating negative energy with positive, nurturing, universal energy.
Flower medicines for normalizing emotional and mood disturbances.
Aroma therapy for stimulating the nervous system and endocrinal hormones.
Acupressure for body’s natural flow of energy through meridians, and instantaneous pain control.
Music therapy, Colour therapy& Crystal therapy for balancing the Energy Flow of Chakras placed around the body, thereby releasing toxins and replenishing with fresh flow of energy.

Prof.V. Hari Lakshmi’s vision is to integrate Alternative therapies with Medical Treatment & Health Care Facilities, to enable quick recovery, and strengthen the human immunity- defence system for long term health benefits, and provide toxin free mind- body cures.